THE BIGGEST PROJECT – Mission Impossible

Dr. Wolf's largest and most challenging project so far has been the co-design & start-up of one of the World´s most ...more

ESSAY: Cause & Effect Principle

  "Negligence or cheating hits you at an unknown time in an unknown intensity" How did it all ...more

Dunning-Kruger effect

Throughout the decades Wolf came across ...more

What makes Dr. Wolf different to others ?

What makes Wolf a very understanding person towards any work-force is the fact that he started as a ...more

EMS – Exaggerated Multi-Tasking

Please find within the follwing excerpt the description of the serious problem occuring with the multi-tasking management & life-style of today's managers. Wolf-International defines it the "exaggerated multi-tasking" (EMS) ...more

TOPPIC: Clean Managment Practice

It is paramount for small-, middle- and large sized entities to keep their decisions clear from conflict of interests. (Personal ...more


Wolf's consulting company WOLF-INTERNATIONAL defines the term “corporate management ” as the process of leading and managing a company. ...more