Technical Experience Sheet : TEXTILE-CHEMICAL ENGINEERING EXPERIENCE of Dr. K.J. Wolf 2018 v2

Dr. Klaus-Jürgen Wolf (Ing. HTL Textile-Chemistry & Technology) is a vertical experienced Textile Engineer (Spinning, Weaving, Pretreatment, Dyeing, Printing, Finishing (incl. coating & lamination), Garment Dyeing/Washing).

He is an expert of fabric manufacturing for technical and fashion textiles (Fashion, Automotive, Army/Functional & Construction)

He also has years of in-depth experience in large format digital printing on PVC, Plastics, Paper and textiles. His range of action runs from R&D, COO/Technical Direction up to Managing Director level in these industries.

Apart from Textile-Engineering he learned “on the job” the art of Specialty Chemicals Reactions & Formulations (Textilcolor, Clariant) as well as the formulation & standardization of textile dyestuffs. In his career he ran productions of the above industries producing liquid, pasty and powder formulations.

He co-worked/developed patents and trademarks and holds valuable product ideas for the textile industries. (Green Denim, revolutionary Sweat-Management Technology by Physics etc..)