HISTORY – The Learning

The number of all companies Dr. Wolf has visited/dealt with throughout his professional career within the EMEA countries as well as within the Americas exceeds 500 by far. With ca. 10% of them he had closer business relationships mainly with owners and/or top managers for a longer period of time.

Through these relationships he obtained an excellent view on diverse corporate problems. (examples: operational problems, business development issues, M&A, administration, financial distress, corporate legal & tax legal issues, code of professional conduct, cost cutting, consequences of over- and understaffed organizations, compliance issues, corruption etc.).

How did he get involved in diverse company-internal matters ? For example he was a sales director for a multi-national company for many years and also responsible for substantial supplier-credit issues which for due-diligence and risk-management matters involved a deeper “study” on the debtors “organic life”.

At first, Wolf did not realize the vast potential of such knowledge & experience. But after many years this knowledge – paired with his own professional experiences in the various functions in which he (had) performed led to a profound/in-depth understanding of the driving forces & “physics” in any corporate life or organization. Understanding these “organizational physics” later on in his career would allow him to manage CHANGE in the same way as the baker makes his bread every morning based on a recipe and a standardized process simply to achieve a reproducible outcome according to plan.

The experiences Dr. Wolf gained in close to a dozen of General Management functions either as Turnaround-, Change-, Technical-, Interim- or Start-Up Manager accumulated to a fountain of solutions for today’s diverse, managerial trouble shooting environment.