ESSAY: Cause & Effect Principle


“Negligence or cheating hits you at an unknown time in an unknown intensity”

How did it all start and how was the way up to found WOLF-INTERNATIONAL a Company specialized in General Strategic Management toppics? This is best explained with the “cause & effect” mechanics in the World of Business and in the World of Managment which the founder came across over and over again:

It all started with performance sports where Wolf first experienced the “performance-success” relationship (in analogy to the cause & effect relationship). For him sports (Ski-racing, Karate . . then weight-lifting) has been the perfect teacher of the “cause-effect” principle. In sports (i.e. in differentiation to the world of Politics, Business & Management where cause & effect can be enormously time-lagged or even ”altered”) with the exception of “Doping” – there is NO CHEATING or ALTERING as only the Performance defined by metrics (performed by work & technique) counts. Later on, as a boy-scout leader he discovered his talent and instincts to develop visions and transmit them as visionary leader to (smaller) groups. He can only recommend to parents to integrate their children in such youth organizations where they can discover, exercise and train their “social skills”. This is where young individuals discover whether they are “leaders” or “followers” without making either class a “superior” one as one cannot co-exist without the other!

Consequently his professional career developed in this direction of constantly working on the “cause & effect” principle and applying leadership wherever asked and today he holds corporate leadership experiences in medium- and large sized firms ranging from 50 employees to more than 8.000 in the Chemical-, Textile-, Machinery-, Printing-, Dental & Cosmetic-, Private Finance- and Web- Industries.

He strictly follows the principle of Code of Ethics and professional conduct and knows that any form of “cheating” will take revenge at a later and tragically unknown stage with unknown consequences. The today’s news of economics and politics are overloaded with such “scandals” and Dr. Wolf believes that what we know and see is only the tip of the iceberg.

The Code of Ethics and good professional conduct also determines his leadership style which is fully team-oriented, coaching. He acts as the primus inter pares to his employees and management is done by objectives. “Power” as Wolf says – “grows from below” and is not and cannot be given from above. Authority shall never be mixed with Power!