INDUSTRY 4.0 in Textile Manufacturing = Step by Step Digitalization


Today we have all IT and ERP Tools & Technology needed to completely digitalize e.g. a TEXTILE PRODUCTION. But how do you run your company today ? Old-Style ? A lot of paper-work, your managers are collecting & evaluating work-sheets, spread-sheets with still a significant amount of awkward data errors because data was collected manually or semi-automatically from the shop-floor level all the way-up?
Can one of your managers tell you what article is now running on stenter no.4 and at what time this article will proceed into the next dept. including deviation if any – all that in an instant ? Or how much COD, BOD and waste water will be discharged tomorrow from your finishing plant (based on productoin planned) in order that your water-treatment plant can organize the performance of tomorrow? Can you know in plan-figures and de-facto what gross profit you earned today ? Do you know in real time your plan-deviations in each department ? Does your ERP module plan production in a way that the highest departmental efficiency (= minimum of non-value added time) is granted? Can your sales person give in a few minutes safe clearance to a delivery time to a client? Can you play through all production scenarios on a screen to find the best solution in complex situations ?


WOLF-INTERNATIONAL together with DATATEX will set up your Digitalization „step-by-step“ in order to max out your future EBIT and make your entire production less vulnerable to human errors or the human factor. DATA COLLECTION must be done digitally ! We help you setting all up with the Coaches you need !