In Wolf’s book “OPERATIONAL CHANGE AND IMPROVEMENTS IN MEDIUM SIZED ENTERPRISES“ –  Lambert Academic Publishing ISBN 978-3-200-06327-3 the Change-Management interested owner, manager, scholar or reader can find a representative, practical and easy-to-read dissertation continuously interrelated with the cause & effects of a “hands-on” and  real-life 2-year field study of a successful turnaround project (= Change) in a standard medium-sized company in Germany. It combines on 130 pages the simple description of a real-life Change-Management execution and most of the relevant academic literature about Change Management. Wolf’s purpose of this work was not only to satisfy the requirements of a certain research question but to concentrate thousands of pages of academic literature on Change Management into one simple, light & handy paperback.                                          

2019 UPDATE:  A re-edited electronic pdf version of this book is available upon personalized demand at WOLF-INTERNATIONAL.

ORIGIN of knowledge & understanding in CHANGE MANAGEMENT

For Wolf many years of studying besides the job has been the ideal modus operandi to digest and improve on the vast industrial experiences gained every day in the industries he worked in with the aim to not only acquire knowledge but the even more important understanding.

His consulting company WOLF-INTERNATIONAL defines the term “corporate management ” as the process of leading and managing a company. Leading and managing are two entirely different concepts which require different attitudes and traits needed to perform them. Richard Pascale brings it perfectly to the point: “Managers do things right, while leaders do the right thing”.

Management is administrating and directing a company with the means of processes to achieve the company’s objectives which originally leadership has defined”. All this is based on the principles of lean management. “Lean” means short, efficient ways, no excessive control because of first time right approaches, less people involved, straight to the point and as such very time & cost efficient. “Lean” also means a lower probability for errors. The more processes involved the higher the probability of errors (= higher cost).

WOLF-INTERNATIONAL offers leadership, management help and assistance for CHANGE, TURNAROUND and START-UPS. WOLF-INTERNATIONAL offers also MANAGMENT ad interim and designs a step-by-step approach towards DIGITALIZATION i.e. preparing the way to INDUSTRY 4.0.

CHANGE and LEAN are implemented in one step, in one concept. Offering the experienced, independent, external view and with the care of “a mother for its child” can save not only a lot of headaches, time, severe problems but also 100s of thousands of Euros if not millions.

Saving time, headaches or millions is not the only the goal of WOLF-INTERNATIONAL but: To create a new, adapted & self-evolving organization which is no longer in the need of a leading consultant or sparring partner like WOLF-INTERNATIONAL.