Dr. Klaus Juergen Wolf (DBA) born in 1964, Austria has worked in several industry sectors in top-management positions for privately Held international medium-sized or large corporations in Europe, USA, Mexico, Russian Federation and Eastern Africa. His secret in achieving a high success rate in management and change projects is that he does not follow the typical or standard consulting approach. Other than most of consultants or consulting companies around the world – Wolf often is being positioned by owners, boards or management as a leading Manager ad interim into corporations with P/L responsibility and enough “hands-free” authority to imply change or make the project work. He wants and he needs to work down his strategies personally and not seldom selecting his own team, depending on the magnitude of the project. Most of consulting approaches leave the company struggling with a “super-smart” plan from “outside” and push accountability and responsibility as far away as possible and try to claim victory with a “super-smart” coach. Here is just one link to the above mentioned cause/effect of the classic consulting approach presenting just two of the top-notch failures in world-economics involving McKinsey and involving billions of losses:

(English translation from German original article – here to download). This is not to state that e.g. McKinsey´s work is no good or bad – but more shall warn of outsourcing the brain and nervous system to external consultancy companies. For this good reason Wolf does not prefer to be considered an “external force” but being part of the “family” with responsibilies and accountability.

Wolf knows that it is mostly not the strategies and plans which make companies fail in a change or project but simply the execution of the same. Imagine a special transplant surgeon giving instructions in a meeting before the transplant operation to a team of young doctors who have only done a few appendix surgeries in their career but no more. Then he let them do the operation entirely on their own for 14 hours in a row. From time to time he pops in to see how it goes . . . . and of course not being able to reverse some or the terrible mistakes the young doctors made because of their lack of experience and handling the many anomalies which emerge with every individual body they “open up”. If you want to do it the first time right or strive for a high success probability you need a specialist on site and if possible “the best” – and you need him almost every day for as long as it takes.

For confidentiality reasons a list of Wolf’s references is only available upon request. These references comprise the business areas of textile-,chemical-, printing-, machinery-, dental-, medical-devices (ISO 13485), cosmetic- and private finance/insurance industry sectors. Wolf´s private personal network has led to these very different and international managerial assignments. As “by-products” of his managerial work Wolf also delivered outstanding technical performances in planning, managing & starting up manufacturing plants, being inventor or co-inventor of technological developments with or without filing for pattern protections or patents in various industries. Wolf today represents the “Hybrid General Manager” i.e. the one of being a passionate technical engineer and project manager paired with strong management & leadership skills able to run & control all departments within a today´s company. He merges the disciplines of Financial Mgmt., Lean Manufacturing & Lean Management & Organization as one is interlinked with the other like cog-wheels in a clockwork. He is able to do this because he served and serves as CEO, MD, CTO, CSO or COO & as well as sparring partner for owners, boards & managers in the technical-, administrational or financial disciplines.